Not known Facts About תגיש לי

אינני יודע ואין מילים בפי כיצד להודות לך; העובדה שנתת בי אמון וסמכת עליי- החמיאה ועודנה מחמיאה לי מאוד.

Variations a cc-by license to the cc-by-sa license; this is generally considered revoking the first cc-by license and is frowned upon unless it had been a simple error in your portion. In the future make sure you be mindful to make use of the specified license right away on add.

Many thanks for uploading Graphic:Kd_State_Dinner_1950.JPG. I detect the image web page at present isn't going to specify who produced the written content, Hence the copyright status is unclear. If you have not designed this media on your own then you have to argue that Now we have the proper to make use of the media on Wikimedia Commons (see copyright tagging beneath).

The buttons will be more substantial, brighter, and simpler to browse. The labels will keep on being the identical. You'll be able to examination the new button by enhancing a web site and incorporating &ooui=one to the tip with the URL, like this: The outdated visual appearance will no longer be probable, even with area CSS adjustments. [21]

If you allow the Beta Aspect for "השוואה חזותית", you should have a different selection. It provides you with a different box at the very best of each diff webpage. This box will Enable you choose both diff procedure on any edit.

תמיד אתן את המיטב שבי, עבור הפרוייקט החשוב והמקודש הזה, ששמו ויקיפדיה.

In case you designed these web pages, be click here sure to Be aware that The truth that they are proposed for deletion would not essentially mean that we do not worth your type contribution. It only ensures that one individual thinks that there is some particular issue with them, like a copyright situation.

מתי ההמלצה לא משכנעת: "המלצות קלישאתיות שבאות ברמה של כותרות שטחיות נטולות עומק ותוכן. למשל, אם אני שואלת את הממליץ: 'איך היית מתאר את סגנון העבודה של המועמד בצוות?', והוא משיב: 'הוא צוותי.

Wikimedia Commons usually takes copyright violations extremely very seriously and persistent violators will be blocked from modifying.

Be sure to don't forget to answer and – if acceptable – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which target the nominator will not likely influence the result of the nomination. Thank you!

אני כממליצה: "לא אתן עדות שקר על מועמד ולא אעגל פינות, אבל אשתדל מאוד להיצמד בהמלצה שלי אל נקודות החוזק שלו, ליכולות שלו. אדגיש את הפירות שמעסיקים יכולים לקטוף ממועמד כלשהו.

Please remember to reply to and – if proper – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which focus on the nominator will not likely influence the result of the nomination. Thanks!

If your file is up for deletion for the reason that it has been superseded by a excellent spinoff within your function, take into account the Idea that although the file might be deleted, your exertions (which many of us enormously respect) lives on in the new file.

הי מיכל, ראיתי שאת מנטרת ערכים. אני ממליצה שתקבלי הרשאות מנטר שנותן לך כלים חזקים יותר לניטור.

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